Boston Terriers

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The Boston Terrier is a lively and intelligent dog who makes a good companion especially to children. Initially suspicious of strangers, the Boston Terrier is a good watch dog, but not a continual yapper. Voted number one family pet by American Parents magazine.

The Boston Terrier was originally a cross between Bull Terriers and Bulldogs. The first crosses occurred in England, with some members of this hybrid stock being sent to America.

In 1889 a group of fanciers in the Boston area organized the American Bull Terrier Club. Due to objections by the Bull Terrier breeders and the Bulldog breeders since the new dogs weren't really Bulldogs or Terriers, the name of the club was changed to the Boston Terrier club of America in 1891 and the standard was written for the breed.
Boston Terriers are bred in a variety of sizes. The largest of them should not weigh more than 24lbs (11kg). Their short-haired coat can be a black/brindle or black with white markings, seal, brindle or red. The preference is for the brindle (black with a little showing of brown through the black in places.) Their coats are short and they shed very little, easy to keep clean, they are not a smelly dog.

Bostons are "bouncing dogs". Bostons don't just run, they bounce and bound when they run. The breed is full of energy and spirit, yet very loving and devoted pets. They love attention, but do tend to be somewhat territorial and protective of "their" family. Boston Terriers also do not require much grooming. Run a smooth glove or brush across the coat and just keep the ears clean and the claws trimmed. This breed tends to be energetic but not hyper, being able to settle down and watch TV right along with the family. These are great dogs for a couple, a family or a single person.

Click on the Terrier Pups link to view current pups. A Boston Terrier puppy is full of energy! They are sometimes called "boston bull terriers".    CLICK HERE for great reference for potty training!

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