Our boston terrier puppies are for sale. We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.  We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs.  Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train.
Our Boston Terriers, or boston bulls are the sweetest most loyal companions ever.  We sell all over the United States including Alaska. Main cities are Portland, Or.,  Seattle, Wa., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Pasco, Salem, Boise, Kansas City, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Wichita and other cities and states as well.
We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California. We cannot ship our dogs or puppies by air as they are a short nose breed which has been banned from air travel. However, you are welcome to pick up or we can arrange for ground transportation for you.

Pups will have a regimen of puppy shots which will be provided to you upon delivery, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC registration papers.   UPDATED 10/16/18

Pups require a $500 deposit toward their total purchase price of $1100 to hold, we accept the down payment through paypal or we can take personal check for the down payment.  The remainder is due in cash at time of pick up or delivery.

We do not allow personal visits to the puppies until they are old enough to go to their new home. They have to get enough immunity from their puppy shots to protect them from diseases that you may accidentally have on your clothing or hands, and it takes time to give them those shots as they must be spaced several weeks apart. We do this for the health of your new puppy. We can do video clips or more pictures for you, however.

DATE OF BIRTH IS POSTED ON THE FIRST PICTURE OF EACH LITTER. IT WILL SAY DOB:  Figure 8-9 weeks from that date is approximate go home time. 
OK.  Folks who have pups that are going on 8 weeks of age.Pick up will  be after Oct. 24th due to unforeseen circumstances with the family.  Contact me to get my daughter's phone number to schedule pick up.  This will be your last online pic of your pup. Start puppy proofing your homes and get Diamond puppy for small dogs, I use the Diamond Naturals for them, it is a tiny hard kibble. Get a heat pad of some type for them to sleep on. This time of year with the cold nights, they need it. There are hard plastic ones with chew proof cords that you can order online or pet smart may have them.  Elevate their water bowls on a 2x4 or something, their heads are sometimes heavier than their bodies and they will fall head first into the water when they try to drink, looks funny as hell but they can aspirate water and get pneumonia this way... Anyway, start getting ready!  IF you plan on picking up your baby on a Saturday, please prepay cause we don't buy or sell on Sabbath, but can have you pick up your baby that day.

Please read our kennel rules.  see link above to left. 

These two little kids need homes!  They will be ready for pick up after October 24th! Two sweet little boys!
This is sweet little Harley, a rare harlequin boy with half white and half red face, Super personality, very outgoing and personable. He uses the doggie door faithfully to do his duty outside. Smarter than all get out and very loving. Don't understand why people have over looked this little lover.  He cannot help it if he looks a bit different than the normal boston.  UPPER view of him is further down the page where he is listed with his litter. AVAILABLE
This little guy is a super playful fella. Not hyper, but energetic and lots of fun.  He already likes sticks and toys to play with, uses the doggie door to go potty outside and is the first to greet me when I go to the puppy nursery.  I have video clips of both Harley and Buddy should anyone wish to see them. These two are ready to go home after their last check up so sometime the week of October 20th.  Reserved for Carol S.
He is also listed along with his litter below.
I apologize for the fuzziness of some of the pics, my camera was acting up and not wanting to focus, some pups who still have the same picture of their top view as last time, had such fuzzy pics this time, that I chose to keep last weeks picture as we will use that to help us make sure you pick up the correct puppy when you come over, so we gotta have nice pics of the top for sure!
Tanner's Goldie had 12 puppies: These top pups are the ones who aren't reserved yet:  Goldie's kids who are reserved and still growing are found toward the bottom of the page.  DOB 8/24/18

Hi!  I'm Flynn (Tig), a little black and white boy who just adores other animals and being loved on. Outgoing and funny, I enjoy kitties and people.  I've found my forever home with Shane and Clark! :)  Reserved

I'm Cooper (ty) A super nicely marked little fella with a full collar. I'm a bit on the reserved side, I think before I act, would make a great doggie for someone who doesn't want a race around crazy wild dog. I enjoy playing but I am just not like a jack russell!   Reserved for Kelsey M.

Scarlett Lady has 7 babies, 1 girl 6 boys DOB 8/22/18
Little Lady, nicely marked, will be VERY deep red in color. Reserved for repeat customer Terry B.
This is tiny Andy,  he is very loving and sweet, cuddles and should stay pretty small.  Nicely marked and will just get cuter as he grows.Reserved for Isabella M

This is tiny Bear.  He is perfectly marked with a full collar and spots on his nose that will just get bigger and cover more of his nose. He is so tiny, that he will fit into a small space easily.  He loves being loved on.  AVAILABLE
Li'l Buddy, will make a great watch dog and kids dog. He will protect you for sure.  He is confident in himself, going to be a good medium size doggie and is very intelligent and easy to train, uses the doggie door faithfully already! AVAILABLE
Chad (Norman) a who is going to have some brindle in his coat.  He is quite a confident little fella and would make a great service doggie, he has a more calm demeanor and is just a lovely little guy.  Reserved for Jenn R.
Nelson is a little smartie pants, he has a little fringe of white along his ear which gives him a distinquished look! A bit of a brindle coat too. Really unusual! Reserved for Stephen H

Rocky, OMG, how can you resist that little sweet heart!  Great markings, great calm, loving personality.    Reserved for Grady W.

Wendy Blu's very unusual kids DOB: 8/24/18
Meet snowball, a reverse color little girl!  Really unusual! Smart and lots of fun, this little girl isn't afraid of much of anything! Reserved for Kurt A
A sweet little Harleqin girl, 1/2 white and 1/2 red face. Probably will have blue eye on the white side unknown about this yet..Reserved for Debra D.

This is SPOT!  STOP Such a lovely little girl, personality plus!   Look at the brown eye!  I just love her markings.    How ADORABLE!  Reserved for Sean K.
This is Sara!  A cute little black and white girl. Reserved for Marne repeat customer   Marne, she is a real lover girl!
This is DUKE.  A rare SPLASH boy!  Such an unusual fella!   Duke is a little stinker, into everything cause he is so curious. I should have called him George!  He learns super fast and is so unusually colored that you will be the envy of a lot of people when they see you with him.  Reserved for Katie D.
Harley is a Harleqin BOY!  Look at the triple spots on the top and back of his neck!  This guy is a little clown.  His looks deceive you, he is funnier than all get out and a little mischief maker. Would be great with kids or other animals as close companion.  AVAILABLE.
Li'l Devin, a lovely red colored guy with a puzzle piece on the back of his neck!  This guy is a bit thoughtful, he will consider things before acting and shows intelligence when doing so. He tries so hard to please you and to understand what you are saying. Super easy to train! Reserved for Joy H. 

Gemma is showing off her kids who can be reserved now: DOB 9/21/18 Meet Susie. A cute little black and white girl!  AVAILABLE
April is a sweet little girl with unique markings on her face! AVAILABLE
Jewel is a lovely little sweet girl who would love to go home with you!  AVAILABLE
For those of you who always look for the nearly black Boston's here is Blackie, a little boy with tiny tippy toes that are white!  AVAILABLE
Jerry has a diamond on the back of his neck.  AVAILABLE
Mikey is just a little doll!   AVAILABLE
Spike, a really neat little boy! AVAILABLE

Heidi is proud to show off her litter of 4 kids, three girls and one boy. Heidi is only 12 lbs and daddy is 18 lbs so kids should be small. DOB was 9/16/18Meet Reggie, a cute little red/white boy!  AVAILABLE This is Sunny, an adorable little girl, red/white  AVAILABLE
Dusty is a sweet little girl with some unusual markings!  AVAILABLE
Lil Autumn will brighten up your winter! lovely markings full collar.. Reserved for Tim P. 775

This is Shyanne's little kid still growing DOB 8/13/18
 Apollo, a lovely full collared little boy. Reserved for Brent B.  Red/white
This is Tanner's Goldie children who are still growing    DOB: 8/15/18 Shelby, a sweet little black and white girl!  Reserved for Marne M
Sierra a little black and white girl with unusual seagull marking on back of neck. Reserved for Charlene S.
Sophie, a mellow little soul with a river on her head!  Reserved for Kellie S
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