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We have Boston Terrier puppies for sale, there are discounts on multiples or you can buy one puppy at a time!   We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs. Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train. 

Our Boston Terrier puppies are the sweetest, most loyal companions ever. We sell all over the United States in major cities like Portland, Oregon., Seattle, Washington., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Boise, Idaho, Kansas City, Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas and other states. We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California.

Pups will come to you with two puppy shots and neopar shot, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC, ACA or AKC registration papers.   UPDATED 11/28/20  
See our "How to purchase tab" and our "Kennel Rules" tabs, it will explain a lot to you. We post pictures weekly on Sunday or Monday.  We have had our website for over 17 years, we are not a fly by night scammer.  You can purchase with confidence.  CLICK HERE FOR GREAT INFO ON POTTY TRAINING YOUR PUPPY!

  Older pups will disappear from this page on Monday. We are preparing to get them delivered or picked up so will be making room for younger pups. Don't panic if you don't see you dog. Look in your email for important info on pick up place and times as well as supplies needed.

WE HAVE TWO FRENCHTONS!  Blue and Whites, A boy and girl.  These kids are half Frenchie and half Boston!  Their price is $2500. Date of birth 11/20/20Meet grayson the little Frenchton boy  AVAILABLE
Meet Darling she is a lovely Frenchton girl. AVAILABLE

Ruby has some new kids date of birth 11/10/20  Black and whites.sweet little Punkin is going to be someones forever friend!  Girl  AVAILABLE
Miss Kitty is just a little lover! Reserved for Susan W.  Tiny white tip on ear!
Little Arlo already snagged someone's heart, He is reserved.

What unusual markings for little Sasha!  Reserved for Connie H and SO excited!  SEE how HAPPY she is!

Olive had one little blue and white BOY. 11/18/20 date of birth Meet Oliver a very lovely little boy! AVAILABLE

Paisley has some lovely little blue/whites and champagne babies. These kids are just cute. They will be $2000 and were born on 11/12/10Meet Celine. A blue white girl with full collar! AVAILABLE
This is sweet little Jenny.  A cute little girl in blue and white. AVAILABLE.
Ireland is going to have that little black nose! Sweet girl. AVAILABLE

Mason is just wanting his momma back.  He is hungry!  Lovely champagne color Reserved for Manus B.
Hunter is a lovely little champagne fella. AVAILABLE
Atlas is a dark blue fella.  Reserved for Sandra Sen

AAron is so adorable!  his nose will be all black. Such a nice deep blue/white.  AVAILABLE

Jingles had election day kids, born 11/3/20! Princess is so dainty and so cute!  Reserved for Heidi
Lady, a little cutie pie, who is SO snoopy! Look at the curiousity in those eyes. Reserved for Nora A.
Maya had just eaten, this little girl's face looks like most of ours after a Thanksgiving day meal when we have eaten TOO much!  Reserved for Christina S.

Skittles stands out in the crowd as the only red/white in the litter. She is a cutie with nice markings and a red eye and white eye. Reserved for Holly K.
Winnie is nothing but cute, those little dots on that nose will merge and turn the nose black! You just watch weekly and see!  Reserved for the Howards.
Now Ace is going to be a looker. with that one eye outlined in black, he will have permanent eyeliner!  Reserved for Tab B.

One of my customers named their little kid Wriggley and it so aptly names this little fella. He was SO curious to see what was going on and was peeping at me with those newly opened eyes!  RESERVED for Kelly

Ginger has a lovely little family!  Date of birth 10/11/20This is tiny red Teddy!  Reserved for Angel R.
This is Easton, a real little cutie!  Reserved for Jennifer H.
FIdo is a perfect name for this little guy!  Reserved for Patricia Col.

Sweet Flora a super lovely little girl who has a lot of love to give and a lot of comic antics to keep you entertained.  Reserved for Tammy G. and Family

Zag has three little boys!  Born 10/9/20This is Jayson. He didnt' want his picture taken!  Reserved for Jared S.
Introducing Trent. An adorable little fella with a full collar and nice face!   TRENT IS BROWN like milk CHOCOLATE  Reserved for Brynne G.
Alex has a very unique appearance. Really cool with two black ears and a nearly white face.  Looks like we have one blue eye. Black button nose.  Reserved for Garry Wr.

Sweet Gemma had 6 kids on 10/8/20
Sheridan is a little cutie!  The dots on the nose will get larger and fill a lot of the nose with black. He is very sweet. Reserved for JD Mor.
Meet Chuck. A lovely little fella with a small white collar. He has tiny tippy toes on the front feet. Reserved for Kory S.
Rose is a sweet little girl with partial collar and a sweet personality. Reserved for Alicia G. (Tripod)

Sky has a little arrow on the back of her neck and a cute little face with a blaze.  Sweet girl.Reserved for Priscilla

Lovely Jilly is a cutie. The nose will turn black and she has one little black tow on the right foot!  Reserved for Stacey Mil.

My Little Stephanie has three little kids.
Born 10/8/20  Blue and white pups are $2000.00  PLEASE NOTE PRICE!!Austin is a little blue and white boy. This guy is very nice, active and a comic. Sold to Daniel
Sweet little Beau he is a lover and a lovely blue and white color.  Very smart and snoopy Reserved for Tiffany P.
Little Buck is a cutie pie.  Nice markings and a hoggerity spot on the head to boot. Didn't like the sun in his eyes, little rascal! Reserved for Alyssa N

Peggy's Pebbles had two little kids born 10/5/20
Meet Hattie, a sweet little black and white girl. Reserved for Andy and Kelli C.
Meet little Dee Dee. A red/white plump girl. Reserved for Julie D-M

Little Piper's kids were born on 10/2/20 via c section. 
Meet Stella. A cute little rare harlequin with white on the left side of her face. Will probably have blue eye on that side as well.  Reserved for Amy A.
For those of you wanting two pups, Here is Donna, she is the bookend to Stella, You would have two really cool looking dogs that when put together would form the perfect dog!  Donna has white on her right side of the face and will probably have a blue eye on that side!  Reserved for Jennifer Mc.
Then there is Stutz. He has two black ears one with a white tip, he has one black eye and one side of his face is white. He will have black around the bottom of his lip as those dots will spread. He will be a very unique looking little fella and may have two blue eyes. Reserved for Cindy N.

Little Angie has been snapped up by Tiana H.
Little Ford has been snapped up by Dennis PIc.
Sweet Chrissy is Reserved for J&J Bl

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