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We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the West Coast, Pacific Northwest and Midwest. We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs. Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train. 

Our Boston Terrier puppies are the sweetest, most loyal companions ever. We sell all over the United States in major cities like Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Boise, Idaho. We also sell to other States such as California, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, and Colorado.

Pups will come to you with two puppy shots and neopar shot, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC, ACA or AKC registration papers. UPDATED 10/19/21  
See our "How to purchase tab" and our "Kennel Rules" tabs, it will explain a lot to you. We post pictures weekly on Monday.  We have had our website for over 17 years, we are not a fly by night scammer.  For testimonials go to this page:  I LOVE THIS PUPPY

Youngest litters at the bottom of page.  Pups who go home first toward the top.

Oreo had her babies 9/8/21

Isaac, a very sweet little fella with black and white coat! AVAILABLE
Mary Jane, a lovely little girl with full collar! AVAILABLE
Hidalgo, the most unusually marked Boston ever, email me for more pics.  AVAILABLE
Sara, a lovely little girl!  Smart and already getting around really well.  AVAILABLE
Taylor, reserved for Maria C.
Suzie Q!  What an adorable little snoopy kid!  AVAILABLE
Oreo the proud momma.

Ryan the proud father!

Lovely Dottie had her litter 9/11/21
Tasha, a lovely red/white girl with full collar and golden eyes.  AVAILABLE
Allie a lovely, laid back little girl who would be a great theraphy doggie!  Not much bothers her at all.  AVAILABLE
Koko.  A lovely girl with a unique look. Sweet loving personality.  tentatively on hold for Isaiah
Buster, what a looker.  Very plump, funny, and comical. He is a master at patience!  AVAILABLE
Dottie, hovering over little Buster!
See Red, Ryan (above litter)  He is the proud father of this litter as well.

Foxy litter date of birth 9/23/21

Matt, this laid back fella is reserved for Charlotte C.
Paige, a lovely little girl with a black dot nose and great facial markings.  On hold till Monday for David.
SIster, what a little cutie pie. Black nose, full collar and a heart on her forehead!  AVAILABLE
Such a unique look!  Taffy is very different with white ringed ears, a black nose and two dots on back of her head.  AVAILABLE
Proud Momma, Foxy 

Ryan is the Father again!

Sweet Honey had her litter on 9/26/21Sweet Sunshine, a very plump little girl who just is a little sweetie pie. Too smart!  AVAILABLE
Cinnamon, a girl, so named because of her color. The color of cinnamon.  Full collar, unique twister on her head.  She got stuck under a door and wore some hair off the top there!AVAILABLE

Honey (mom's) picture will be coming shortly.  Guess who the father is?  Yes, Ryan.  He has been busy!
Millie had her babies 9/26/21! Blue whites are $1600.00 and Champaign whites are $2000.00

Oakley, a handsome boy with double dots!  AVAILABLE
 This is Sweet Kitty!  The lovely little girl with full collar, gray nose and excellent markings.  AVAILABLE
Lacy, this lovely girl with a button tail, has been snapped up!  Reserved for Linda H.  Lucky lady in Colorado!
Dustin is the odd man out, not dot on the head and a champaign color, quite rare.  He will be $2000. AVAILABLE

Astro is a handsome fella!

Astro is a lovely fella with deep gray coat! AVAILABLE
This is Rocky, the guy with two spots!  AVAILABLE

Meet Momma, Millie!  Showing off her spot!
Alex, a handsome deep blue gray and white color.  AVAILABLE

Daddy is Packer's Ace below


Sweet little Violet had her three babies.  9/11/21Twila has a mind of her own, and she let me know it.  She was not going to pose nice for anything. Lovely markings and just a hungry little girl!  Reserved

Atlas, a handsome fella. Those nose dots will congeal and form a black nose. Reserved for Marie S

Lovely Jenny, has a black undercoat with brown longer guard hairs. Really neat coloring.  Reserved for Derek S.

Mom is Violet, a sweet little girl who won't leave her babies! She just gets so upset about being away from them and then goes in and lays on them to "protect" them, that I didn't take her away to take her picture. It is best at this time to leave them alone till they are a little older and mom is a little more secure.

Daddy is Tucker Jr. a young boy who loves the ladies!

Dottie, protecting her kids.

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