Our boston terrier puppies are for sale. We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.  We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs.  Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train.
Our Boston Terriers, or boston bulls are the sweetest most loyal companions ever.  We sell all over the United States including Alaska. Main cities are Portland, Or.,  Seattle, Wa., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Pasco, Salem, Boise, Kansas City, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Wichita and other cities and states as well.
We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California. We cannot ship our dogs or puppies by air as they are a short nose breed which has been banned from air travel. However, you are welcome to pick up or we can arrange for ground transportation for you.

Pups will have a regimen of puppy shots which will be provided to you upon delivery, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC registration papers.   UPDATED 2/19/19

Pups require a $600 deposit toward their total purchase price of $1100 to hold, we accept the down payment through paypal or we can take personal check for the down payment.  The remainder is due in cash at time of pick up or delivery.

We do not allow personal visits to the puppies until they are old enough to go to their new home. They have to get enough immunity from their puppy shots to protect them from diseases that you may accidentally have on your clothing or hands, and it takes time to give them those shots as they must be spaced several weeks apart. We do this for the health of your new puppy. We can do video clips or more pictures for you, however.

DATE OF BIRTH IS POSTED ON THE FIRST PICTURE OF EACH LITTER. IT WILL SAY DOB:  Figure 8-9 weeks from that date is approximate go home time.
I have a little boy red/white available for reservation now. He has been bottle fed and is a sweet social little fella!

Please read our kennel rules.  see link above to left. 

These little kids are the first offspring of my new Blue Stud. They will be medium in size with super sweet personalities and very intelligent. The three blue/whites are $1400 The little red/white splash boy is $1100. DOB 2/8/19This is Wendy a sweet little blue/white girl!  AVAILABLE
Blue girl is just sweeter than can be. Lovely color all these kids have full collars.  AVAILABLE
Note how light Grayson is?  I would almost call him "Silver".  AVAILABLE
Topper is a lovely little red/white boy with SPLASH!  He is very lovely!  AVAILABLE.

Meet Sasha's babies! Date of birth 1/8/19  One more little guy will be posted when he is bigger.  VERY small runt.
Abigale is a sweet little red/white girl. What a stunner, smart and sweet, she loves attention and getting loved on. Reserved for Mark F.
Rin tin tin, is a very lovely little fella!   This guy is intelligent. Wants to eat with mom already and has tiny little teeth coming in!   Reserved for Victor W.
Milo has a full collar and a great personality!  This rascal is a mellow guy who adores just hanging out with you. Playful and smart, he gives the alarm if something odd is going on.  And Ursel, that eye is not weird, it is just the way I took the pic. His eyes look just like Rin tin tin's.  Reserved for Ursel H.
This is Reggie, he will be small!  He is available for reservation and is very outgoing, playful and no one has ever been socialized as much as this kid.  His siblings are pictured above. 
AVAILABLE    See little Rascal below as he also is available. this picture shows a good true color on him.  See far right.
Reggie:  Let me outta here!

DOB 1/18/19  Dixie's babies!

Meet Jerry, a sweet little guy, a mellow fellow, so very adorable and cuddly.  Reserved for Grace Eck.
Meet sweet little Phoebee,  Reserved for Jennifer H.  Growing like a weed! This is Janie, a litte girl with two dots on her head!  Reserved for Kari P. Overlook the double chin!
kkk Little Ruby, reserved for Ingrid M.  She was so danged sleepy as she had just eaten. It was hard to get her to wake up for the pic!
This is Rascal. The runt of the litter,  he was born very small and is growing by leaps and bounds.  This little fella is a gentle soul.
I'm reserved.  For Emily F
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