Terrier Pups

We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs. Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train.

Our Boston Terriers, or boston bulls are the sweetest most loyal companions ever. We sell all over the United States in major cities like Portland, Oregon., Seattle, Washington., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Pasco, Salem, Boise, Kansas City, Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas and other states. We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California.

Pups will come to you with two puppy shots and neopar shot, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC, ACA or AKC registration papers. UPDATED 12/12/19  
I DO HAVE some kids for CHRISTMAS!  The older pups on the page will go home about the 29th of December.  Tiny new litters at the bottom of page, eyes haven't been open very long.  To see the most unique puppy in the world for a Boston Terrier, go to the very bottom of the page. Meet RINGO.

See our how to purchase tab and our kennel rules tabs, it will explain a lot to you. We post pictures weekly on Friday or Saturday.  We have had our website for over 16 years, we are not a fly by night scammer.  You can purchase with confidence.  CLICK HERE FOR GREAT INFO ON POTTY TRAINING YOUR PUPPY!

DATE OF BIRTH IS POSTED ON THE FIRST PICTURE OF EACH LITTER. IT WILL SAY DOB:  Figure 8-9 weeks from that date is approximate go home time.
PLEASE READ our KENNEL RULES see tab at top of page.

Ravens kids Date of Birth 11/2/18 Go home approx January 3rd. These are her available kids.
Sweet Charlie, who can resist that sweet face. This kid is smart and funny! Loves people and loves to play  Reserved for Ruth B.
Chase, super adorable, gentle personality, mellow and very loving!  AVAILABLE. Wyatt is a little go getter! Really cute and sweet! AVAILABLE
Black little Blackie. He is SO loving and sweet, intelligent and eager to learn, give this little guy a chance!  Reserved for Kendra D.
This is Peg's litter available kids only  11/4/19 Date of birthBeau is a lovely marked little fella that is just going to be so smart and loving. He is mellow! AVAILABLE Jack is a wonderfully marked little fella with full collar and lovely black nose. He will be medium size, has a laid back personality and is snoopy as all get out!  AVAILABLE
Raven's kids that are reserved 11/2/19 Sweet Cheyanne, is a cutie pie.  Female with hoggerity spot on her head! Reserved for C Evan B. Eric, ok, this kid out lasted me.  He kept snapping those eyes shut cause he didn't want his picture taken. I'm try again today,Cindy, but he is cute anyway!  LOL.  Reserved for Cindy E
Duke has a dot instead of a crown!  Duke is so attentive to everything. Look at the intelligence in those eyes! Good choice, Frank! Reserved for Frank S.
  Inkster...This little kid is intelligent and oh so comical already. Outgoing and cute, he is starting to look like a tiny dog!  So DANGED CUTE!  Reserved for Colin K.
Sara is sure getting cuter and cuter. That odd little mark on her face will make a great conversation piece!  She is smart and active. You are going to love her Jeffrey!  Reserved for Jeffrey G.
Peggs Kids date of birth 11/4/19 RESERVED are pictured below Sweet Athena is growing so fast!  Reserved for Elise V.
Baby is adorable. Will get a better pic today.  RESERVED
Coco is going to a great home!  This little girl will love her new parents,she is an outgoing little rascal who loves to get into mischief!  RESERVED FOR Micheal De
LIttle Gus is as cute as he can be. Funny and quite the little prankster, he enjoys a good nap and watching TV, then racing around and having a good time!  RESERVED Courtney T.
Maddie is a loving and playful little girl who is too smart for her own good!  RESERVED Reed C. Olive is a sweet tempered little girl with such unusual markings on her neck. See the arrow?  Reserved for Joey
Lucy is a sweet little girl who will be a lover for sure!  Reserved for Rachel P.

Roxy's kids cute as can be DOB: 11/24/19 go home approx 8-9 weeks from that date.Meet April, a sweet little girl with a very wide stripe down her face. Reserved for Sarah B.
Zeus is just co cute, his nose will turn black, this is the ugliest pic they will take as their eyes are just opening, only get cuter from here. AVAILABLE
Maisey (Girl) with a wonderful full collar and lovely black body, will make someone a wonderful companion! AVAILABLE
Sidney is just cuter than all get out.  Very unique markings.  AVAILABLE LIttle boy.
Darling Maria, a little cutie pie!  AVAILABLE
Sparky is just that littel go getter boy that will be a wonderful go anywhere and do anything companion!  AVAILABLE

OK FOLKS, this guy is unique in the world.  No one will ever be marked like this fella again.  Meet Ringo.  Why RIngo?  Cause there is a perfect ring around where he "goes"!
Cuter than all get out a totally unique individual.  Extremely rare, never had one like this ever ever.  He is $1400.00 because of coloring.  AVAILABLE
Jaycee's girl had three fat little red/white kids.  1 girl and 2 boys  Birthdate:11/24/19This is Shannon, a cute name for a "redhead"  AVAILABLE
Derrick is going to be so cute with a white tip on his little ear!  AVAILABLE
Tank isn't missing any meals. With only 3 kids and lots of milk, these kids are growing fast! AVAILABLE