FACT: Did you realize that your breeder has "quickened" these puppies from the womb, to help awaken them to life and often has to give mouth to mouth recusitation and heart stimulation to puppies after a c-section to assure their survival? Wonder why they are "expensive"? Now you know, they are worth far more than we charge. If we figured up our time by the hour in caring for our babies, we would be making about a quarter an hour.

FACT: Did you know that your responsible breeders will sleep in the same room as the puppies and at each squeak, make sure mom dog isn't lying on a baby or sitting on a baby? AND that the breeder must plug the puppies onto mom's "Spigots" about every two hours for the first 2-3 days (round the clock)? Often the puppies aren't able to find the teats themselves without training from your breeder.

FACT: Short nose puppies need to have their food and water elevated when they are small. Why? Because their heads are so heavy vs their bodies that if they put their heads down to eat, their butts go into the air forcing their face into the food or water..Yes, I know. It looks funny, BUT, they can inhale the food and/or water and get particles in their lungs causing pneumonia.

We can no longer ship due to new USDA rules and the new airline rules with regard to shipping short nose puppies. They need to be carried on the plane or shipped via one airline. We would prefer that you pick up your puppy and carry the boston puppy on board the plane to make sure he/she gets to the destination safely.

Most often the cost by air is about $281.00 or so, plus a carrier and the vet check. Our vet checks them for only $45 and the carrier runs about $56.00.

ABOUT BREEDING Boston Terriers:

Bostons may or may not breed natuarally. About 30% of the time Artificial Insemination is required or the female may hurt the male during mating or the attempt to mate.

Dogs may give a sign that they are ready to give birth, they may not. You need to be with them 24/7 during the last week of gestation to watch.

If your dog has a sack of water hanging from her behind and no puppy has arrived at the 1.5 hour mark, call your vet, you have problems. 2 hours is the limit and you will need that last 30 minutes to get your dog to the vet.

If a dog has gone 1.5-2 hours between puppies, you are in trouble and need a vet.

Get your dog ultrasounded or xrayed so that you know how many puppies there are. If you don't, you will often lose the last puppy because you didn't know it was in there.

You must be present during birth as short nose dogs will not take their babies out of the birth sack and the babies will die of suffocation.

You need to clear out the puppy's nose and mouth so that it can breathe, it may be necessary to give the puppy mouth to mouth resusitation and heart massage if the birth was particularly long or stressful or if the puppy is breech.

If a puppy is breech and seems stuck, do NOT break the umbilical cord. If the cord is already broken, then at the next push of the dam, grab the puppy's butt and pull with her push. I mean pull hard. DO NOT pull straight out behind her. This will catch the puppy's head on her pelvic bones. You want to pull hard down toward her stomach if you can. This will help slide the puppy's sharp head bone down and under the upper pelvic bones of the mother. If puppy is truly stuck and you pull head off or you cannot get puppy, puppy stops wriggling and is dead...you need a vet immediately or the rest of the litter and your dam can die.

Do not administer Oxytocin without advice of your vet. You can rupture your dam's uterus and cause the placentas of the puppies to come unattached, killing all your puppies.

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